It wasn’t too long ago that experts were predicting the demise of the computer. We were told that tablets and phones would replace desktop and laptop computers for productivity. Phones would take over as the dominant means of accessing the internet. Well, the data proves otherwise. For starters, accessing the internet via computer is alive and well.

Predictions of the past were made based on the convenience that mobility offers. Think about it. Why get bogged down with a desktop or laptop computer when you can do all the same things on your smartphone? Well, despite the many advantages that come with mobility, smartphones and tablets have some distinct disadvantages as well. There are just some things they don’t do better than computers.

Accessing the Internet

You could be forgiven for believing that a large majority of all online activity now occurs on phones. That is what we are led to believe by the tech media. But data from early 2022 shows otherwise. Globally, mobile devices have a slim advantage over computers, accounting for 55% of all online traffic.

The global aspect is important. There are many places in the world where people do not have computers because they cannot afford them. They can afford phones. Here in the U.S., where most of us can afford both, computers have the advantage at 50%. Phones come in at 46% while tablets account for just 4%.

Another thing to consider is that computers have a much clearer advantage in terms of actual internet surfing and website use. More than 55% of all website visits are conducted on a computer. Meanwhile, mobile users are more likely to access the internet through individual apps rather than a browser.

Size Does Matter

In an attempt to understand why computers are still so popular in the mobile era, we thought about how we use our own machines. A little common sense revealed that size really does matter.

Phones and tablets are fantastic for doing single tasks through an app. They are great for looking up information in a pinch. Phones and tablets are the go-to devices for navigating around the city, finding a local restaurant, and checking your bank balance. Ben when it comes to actually doing work, the smaller devices are considerably less efficient.

Typing a full-length document on a phone is prohibitively difficult. The same goes for creating a presentation, manipulating all those vacation pictures, and doing your taxes every spring. All these things can be done on a phone or tablet; there is no disputing that. But they can be done on a computer faster and more efficiently.

It is all about screen size. A computer actually gives you something to look at without straining your eyes. You can open multiple windows in the same workspace and move freely between them. You also have a real keyboard and mouse rather than your finger and a virtual keyboard. In essence, a computer gives you the tools to be more efficient.

When Productivity Matters

Whether you get online via wired broadband or 4G rural internet, productivity demands efficiency. So when productivity matters, web users choose their computers. They reserve their phones for quick internet access when they are out and about. Does this reflect how you use your digital devices?

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