If you are old enough to remember when pastel colors and big hair were considered high fashion, you probably remember the earliest days of the internet. Way back when AOL first launched, people were lucky to have even one computer in their homes. How things have changed. Most modern homes are equipped with multiple electronic devices capable of getting online.

What if some change in the fabric of the universe forced you to choose a single electronic device for online access. You could use that device with Blazing Hog 4G rural internet or any other service. Which device would you choose?

1. Desktop or Laptop

Though you are not limited to computers, let us start by talking about them. Desktops were the first devices to get us online. Back in the day, we had huge towers connected to analog monitors, wired keyboards, and a selection of mice and trackballs for navigation.

The introduction of the laptop changed everything. With a laptop, computer use was portable. Combining a laptop with wi-fi was even more exciting. Today, although more people are going online with their phones, computers are still trusted devices.

2. Smartphone

Smartphone ownership is nearly universal among adults in developed nations. Phones can get online through a 4G internet connection or by connecting to a wi-fi network. That being the case, would your smartphone be your first choice if you could only keep one electronic device?

Phones are a fantastic option if mobility is your top priority. Unfortunately, they are not so efficient in terms of productivity. As the writer of this piece, I had to rely heavily on the internet. I don’t think I could have done things efficiently enough if I were confined to working exclusively with a phone.

3. Tablet Computer

Tablets are in the same league as smartphones. In fact, you could make the case that they are simply bigger versions of the phone without calling capabilities. Chances are you would not choose a tablet as your primary device if a phone wouldn’t suffice, either.

4. Smart Watch

The smart watch is one of the latest electronic gadgets capable of independent online access. A lot of users connect their watches to their phones rather than using them independently. But if you do not have a phone, you can still get online with a smart watch. Just forget about productivity. You won’t get very far on such a small screen.

5. Connected Eyewear

It seems so long ago that Google attempted to develop the first pair of connected eyeglasses. What was called Google Glass ultimately ended in failure for a number of reasons. But the concept is not dead. There remain a number of niche manufacturers working on developing connected eyewear. Their products combine internet access with augmented reality (AR).

It is a Matter of Need

Looking through this list makes one thing clear: choosing a primary device for accessing the internet is a matter of need. Most of us have multiple devices because different situations call for different needs. Take me for example. I have multiple laptops along with a smartphone and two tablets. Every one of my devices serves a specific purpose.

I couldn’t choose just one and still do everything I need to do online. If I were forced to, I would choose the laptop. The only thing I cannot do with the computer is make a legitimate phone call via a cell signal. But I could still do it with VoIP.

If you could only have one electronic device, which would you choose? It is food for thought.

Published On: August 29th, 2022 / Categories: Blog /