One of the questions we hear frequently from new customers is whether they can stream TV shows with a 4G LTE rural wireless internet. The simple answer is, ‘yes’. As a general rule, 4G technology is more than capable of streaming video. However, it pays to know a bit more about what you are getting yourself into.

It is not uncommon for people looking for a rural internet solution to say their online needs are not extensive. We have heard, “All I do is check email, post on social media, and stream videos” more times than we can count.

Streaming video has become so commonplace that people don’t think much of it. What they do not realize is that streaming requires a ton of data. It might be simple to do from the user’s end, but it’s incredibly resource-heavy on the carrier’s end.

Internet Download Speeds Matter

There are two things that concern rural internet customers when it comes to video streaming. The first is speed. They are concerned that a rural internet solution will not be fast enough to allow quality streaming. That may be true with some carriers, but not Blazing Hog.

A speed of 1 Mbps is all you need for standard resolution. To get 1080p HD, you need a consistent download speed of 5 Mbps. If your internet service can handle 15 Mbps, you can stream 4K Ultra HD videos.

Here’s the good news in terms of Blazing Hog rural internet: we offer download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. We cannot guarantee you will always get that speed because things vary based on traffic, weather, time of day, etc. But we can say that our speeds are plenty fast enough, on average, to make streaming video a regular part of your internet use.

Internet Data Plans Matter, Too

The other concern among rural internet customers is the cost associated with streaming video. This is a legitimate concern. Simply put, data costs money. And because streaming TV shows require a ton of data, customers need to choose a rural internet plan that is capable of accommodating their data needs.

Heavy streamers need to think about maximizing their data plans. People who only watch a few videos here and there can get by with lower data plans. That’s just the reality of the situation.

Blazing Hog offers a variety of data plans and varying price points. You can see all the information here on our website. However, you might not know how that all translates into the amount of video you can stream with our rural internet service. If that’s the case, just ask our representative when you contact us to learn more.

If You Can Stream on Your Phone…

Perhaps you’re still not convinced that our 4G LTE rural internet service is capable of handling your TV streaming needs. We get it. But ask yourself this: can I stream videos just fine on my phone?

We are assuming that you’re still using a 4G cell phone. And if you’ve already graduated to 5G, you were still probably using a 4G phone not too long ago. Here’s the thing: if you can stream TV shows on your 4G phone without issue, you’ll have no trouble doing the same thing with 4G rural internet. It is the same technology.

We cannot say how other rural internet services handle video. But we can say that streaming your favorite TV shows isn’t a problem with Blazing Hog. Our service is among the fastest in the rural internet industry. We have you covered for email, social media, web surfing, and even streaming TV shows.

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