You have always wanted to live in rural America. You and your family have finally made the change, leaving urban life for the peace and quiet of the country. There is only one catch: internet access. Relax. We have the solution. It involves combining rural internet access with something known as mesh wi-fi.

America’s rural residents have gone far too long without access to reliable high-speed internet. That changed with the introduction of 4G cellular technology. All you need for high-speed internet is access to a 4G network and a compatible modem/router.

We will explain it all in the following paragraphs. As you read, keep in mind that Blazing Hog offers high-speed service through our 4G rural internet package. Check us out. It is likely that we offer service in your area.

How 4G Internet Works

A 4G internet package gets you online. Mesh wi-fi gets you connected to the internet service. Of the two, 4G internet is the easier to understand. It operates on the same networks utilized by 4G smartphones and the carriers that power them.

The ‘4G’ designation refers to the fourth generation. So the 4G system that was implemented many years ago is the fourth generation of cellular technology. It is what our internet access is built on. It’s likely the technology your smartphone utilizes to get online.

Rural internet access built on a 4G platform connects to the internet through the same cellular networks your phone uses. A 4G router gets you online by first connecting to the nearest cell phone tower. Once connected, it’s a short skip and a jump (digitally speaking) to getting you online.

Adding Mesh Wi-Fi

The harder part of the equation is utilizing mesh wi-fi. The whole point of mesh wi-fi is to eliminate dead spots in your home. Needless to say, dead spots are a common concern among our rural customers with larger homes.

In the old days, dead spots could be eliminated with the use of multiple routers. One router was connected to a high-speed modem while others were placed strategically around the home and connected to the main one through a bridge. The system worked moderately well. Unfortunately, setting up a bridged network required moderate tech skills.

Mesh wi-fi accomplishes the same thing out-of-the-box. You might invest in a system that includes three mesh routers. Each one of those routers acts as an access point. The main router connects to your modem while the other two are located elsewhere in your home.

The difference between mesh wi-fi and a bridged network is design. Mesh wi-fi is designed from the ground up to offer consistent and seamless network access throughout the home. As for the bridged network concept, it was essentially a hack developed to overcome one of wi-fi’s inherent weaknesses. Though it worked, it didn’t always work well.

Full Coverage in the Middle of Nowhere

Combining rural internet access with mesh wi-fi gives you full coverage in the middle of nowhere. As long as you’re close enough to a cell tower to pick up a strong signal, you can be miles from your nearest neighbor and still browse the internet like a pro. It won’t matter how big your house is, either.

The best way to go for rural residents is 4G rural internet combined with mesh wi-fi.  A combined package gives you all the best the internet has to offer without forcing you to sacrifice what you love about living in a rural location. Give it some thought. You don’t have to live with older, outdated technologies that do not work so well.

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