You don’t just want high-speed internet access, you need it! Today’s modern world simply cannot be lived without it. Whether you are streaming your favorite tv show, downloading a new release movie you’ve been dying to see, taking a work meeting via Zoom, or playing an online video game, your internet access needs to be fast.

There are many factors that affect how well your internet connection performs, such as your location, quality of the network equipment you’re using, and your computer itself. “I don’t live in an area that gets fast internet,” you may be saying. Not true! Blazing Hog offers high-speed rural internet designed for people just like you. You will enjoy average speeds of 25 Mbps, fast enough for video games, movies, and everything else you want fast internet in order to enjoy.

Speed = Bandwidth

What does 25 mbps really mean, though? Internet speed is just the layman’s term to describe bandwidth. It isn’t actual speed, but rather the volume of information per unit of time that an internet connection can handle. A higher bandwidth means that large amounts of data can pass along the connection faster than a connection with a lower bandwidth. This bandwidth is expressed in bits per second, such as 25 Mbps. This is an abbreviated way of indicating a data transfer rate of 25 million bits (megabits) of data transmitted every second.

Are You Getting Enough Speed?

To better understand it, let’s visualize a freeway. A large highway or interstate with six lanes on both sides with only a few cars on it will flow nicely. There will be no traffic at all! If your car represents 5 megabits of data, and the freeway can handle 25 megabits of data at a given moment, then you have an easy drive ahead of you and you will arrive at your destination at the expected time. 

You’ve driven on the interstate enough to know that the situation above is rarely the case in real life. To fix it, let’s say your car is traveling the same freeway at rush hour on a Friday evening when everyone wants to get home at the same time. Now, we start to see some significant reductions in speed. All it takes is for a few other people trying to be in the same spot at the same time and there is a problem. This is the same as your internet connection!

When a salesperson tells you that means you will have high speed abilities up to 25 megabits per second, the important key phrase that provider said is “up to.” What that really means is, “in a perfect world where you are the only person using our internet service, the weather is perfect, and your modem is brand new.”

If you aren’t their only customer using their internet at that time, you may not be getting 25 Mbps. This isn’t the way Blazing Hog works! If you want fast internet, and to actually get what you’re paying for, now is the time to reach out and get access through Blazing Hog.

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