We’ve all spent a lot of time at home this year. Without being able to really get out and about, you’ve spent a majority of your time streaming shows, watching movies, looking up cooking recipes, and scrolling your social media feed. This doesn’t even mention the hours upon hours of virtual schooling, answering emails, and Zoom calls done at home. Clearly, this year of “safer at home” has made clear just how important having a fast internet is. 

Slow internet makes everything more frustrating! When you are working, a video call with colleagues becomes pixelated, with delayed audio. When you are relaxing, movies and video games take forever to download. They buffer and buffer and buffer, for what seems like forever! In the worst cases, the connection drops altogether and you’re kicked out of your meeting. What a pain!

First things first, you need to diagnose your internet speed. What’s causing your slow speeds,  your internet provider or your equipment at home? Download an internet speed test app on your phone to know for sure. Stand near your router and use the app to run a speed test. Also, move to a room farther away from the router and run the speed test again.

More than 40 megabits a second is ideal for streaming videos and playing games. Speeds of about 25 megabits a second are sufficient for streaming high-definition video. Less than 15 megabits a second is pretty slow and very frustrating to deal with. If the speed test results were fast near your Wi-Fi router but slow farther away, the problem is probably your router. If speeds were slow in both test locations, the issue is actually with your internet provider itself.

It is possible that depending on where you live, your provider may offer packages with more bandwidth meant for higher-quality video streaming and faster downloads. Ask about your options, but be prepared to be told you need an expensive upgrade to get the speed you want if you stay with them. The good news is that you don’t have to stay with them!

If you have determined that your internet provider’s service is the root of the issue, your best option is to find a new internet provider. But, who? The answer is Blazing Hog! We are the rural internet solution you’ve been searching for. There are no hidden fees and over 800 GB’s of high-speed data. This is exactly what you’re looking for!

No matter where you live, you can have a fast internet speed with Blazing Hog! Our plug-and-play modem is not bound to any landlines, so you can take it with you anywhere with a power source. 25 megabits a second are our average speed, which is good enough for doing anything and everything you want the internet for. 

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