It is amazing to think about just how much the internet has changed things. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember a world without it. If that’s the case, we’d like to take you on a walk down memory lane. We do not have to go back too far; the mid-1990s will do nicely.

As you read, consider that there are some rural households that still don’t have decent wired internet access. Without broadband through a cable or fiber-optic provider, they need to utilize DSL, satellite, or 4G rural internet. Here at Blazing Hog, we believe the 4G option is best.

With that said, let us begin our journey. Here are some of the things we did before there was an internet:

We Read Newspapers

Way back when, newspapers were the primary source of hard news. The major TV networks covered national news and local stations handled the local stuff. But newspapers were king. A lot of us read magazines, too.

We Used the Yellow Pages

If we needed to look up a business prior to the internet, we turned to the yellow pages. The yellow pages were a business supplement to the normal phone book (do you even know what that is?) through which you could find advertisements and contact information for local businesses. Any company that wanted to compete needed to have a yellow page listing.

We Wrote Letters

Written letters sent through the U.S. mail were the primary means of communicating across long distances. Remember that there is no email without the internet. So if Mary wanted to contact Aunt Susie without having to pay extra for a long-distance phone call, she would write a letter.

Some people developed entire lists of pen pals with whom they regularly exchanged letters. You could say that the pen pal thing was an early form of social media.

We Watched Only Live TV

The internet is what makes streaming possible. Prior to the internet, all TV was live. You had to be home to catch your favorite shows. Either that, or you had to be smart enough to program your VCR. That is a whole separate topic for another post. The point is that there was no such thing as binge watching. You couldn’t access a library of stored content to watch at your convenience.

We Had Fewer Friends

These days, it is possible to have an unlimited number of online friends whom you never actually meet in person. Some of these people are just names on a screen; others you actually take the time to converse with. But before the internet, we had far fewer friends because our ability to connect was so much more limited.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Back then, we got together with friends on a regular basis. We had face-to-face conversations instead of online chats. Friendships seemed stronger then.

We Paid Bills with Checks

Before the internet, there was no online bill pay. We paid our bills by writing checks and putting them in the mail. You always had to send a check well in advance to make sure it would get to the creditor on time. Then you had to watch your bank account to note when it got cashed.

We could go on and on. Suffice it to say that life was quite different prior to the internet. If you live in rural America, all these things might still be familiar to you. And if this is the case, we hope you’ll consider Blazing Hog 4G high speed rural internet. Our service can get you connected to the modern world.

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