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What IOT Brings To the Propane Industry

The ALTA Propane Tank Monitor enables propane supply companies a needs-based delivery option instead of schedule-based delivery, eliminating unnecessary:

  • Time spent physically checking tanks with sufficient propane levels
  • Fuel used to reach remote tanks which don’t need servicing
  • Wear and tear on service vehicles
  • Preventing tanks from running dry also means the propane companies don’t need to spend extra time reinitializing a customer’s propane system and saves customers from having to pay hundreds for reinitialization.

Check out the Sensor features:

  • Transmits the exact reading from a Sr or Jr R3D Remote Ready gauge
  • Configurable text, email and call alerts
  • Industry-leading range: 1,200+ feet (through 12+ walls)
  • Exceptional battery life delivers 12+ years of monitoring using two AAs Bank-level encryption keeps data safe
  • Global frequencies for international use

Septic Monitoring

SepticSitter is an Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and early-warning system for onsite sewage systems. Non-contact sensors easily install in septic, pump tanks and drain fields, preventing hazardous system overloads. Real-time measurements are displayed in an online dashboard, historical data is stored for informed proactive maintenance and decision making.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Hub (Gateway)

Web Application

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With a national average download speed of 25 Mbps, you can do more of the things you love online like stream movies, shop, download songs and more. And, unlike other providers that must be fixed to your home, your Blazing hog service comes through a plug-and-play modem so you can take your fast speeds on the go!