The internet is as much a part of life as going to work and spending time with family. It is so prolific that the internet touches nearly everything we do. Much of its influence is direct; some of it is indirect. Either way, just 7% of America doesn’t use the internet in any way, shape, or form.

That says something to us. It says that people who live in rural America still need access to high-speed internet. That is why Blazing Hog exists. We are on a mission to provide reliable rural high-speed internet so that people who cannot get service from a traditional ISP are not left out.

Getting back to the internet itself, below are the top five things people do online, based on 2017 data. Do you do any of them?

1. Sending and Receiving Email

When the survey was conducted, sending and receiving email was by far the number one online activity people engaged in. Approximately 75% of PC users engaged with email regularly. Smartphone and tablet users engaged with email at 59% and 22%, respectively.

You could make the case that email is just a subset of online digital communications. Throw in online chats, video calls, and text messages and the number probably goes up dramatically.

2. Retail Shopping

Do you remember when online shopping first became a thing? Critics in the retail world said it would never take off. No one believed that a humble company known as Amazon would succeed selling books online. But look at Amazon now. They set the bar for online retail.

At any rate, 72% of all PC owners shop online. So do 43% of all smartphone owners. We are more apt to shop online even if it is just to compare prices. Some of us even employ a hybrid solution by ordering online and then picking up at a brick-and-mortar location.

3. Streaming Video Content

Next up is streaming video content. It was third on the list in 2017, being a mentioned activity among 67% of all PC owners. We suspect that number has grown significantly. With so many streaming services competing for growing numbers of cord cutters, we wouldn’t be surprised if streaming is now challenging email as the number one online activity.

4. Reading the News

We know from many, many headlines that people are no longer buying newspapers in large numbers. They are not tuning into network news, either. More than half of all Americans get their news primarily online. They rely on both hard news sites and alternative news outlets.

As a side note, a lot of people get their news from social media sites. Social media use came in at number six in the 2017 survey, accounting for 54% of all online activity. We suspect it has jumped a few positions since then.

5. Electronic Banking

The fifth position on the 2017 survey is electronic banking. Its 56% usage suggests that people do more than just balance their bank accounts online. They also pay their bills, conduct electronic transfers, deposit checks, and even apply for loans online.

Doing all these things requires reliable internet service. That is hard to come by in some rural areas. However, we are working to change that. Blazing Hog 4G LTE rural internet offers an experience that rivals the best wired services. If you would like to know more about rural internet from Blazing Hog, do not be afraid to reach out with a phone call or an email. We are ready to get you online as soon as possible.

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