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Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna

Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna


The Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna is easy to install. Designed for exterior installation, the 4g antenna from features a rugged waterproof structure that’s designed to withstand damage from the elements.This package includes two U-bolt brackets for 1.5- to 2- inch pipe or mast.It can easily be set up in an outdoor space including home rooftops, utility poles, surveillance trailers, office and anywhere else you want.

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Gain 11dBi
Frequency Range 698-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 2300-2700 MHz
VSWR < 1.8
Impedance 50 ohm
Direction Directional
Beam Width Hz. 70/75 deg, Vrt. 75/60 deg
Polarization Vertical + Horizontal
Feature Fixed Wall Mount
Antenna connector Dual SMA male
Antenna Cable Length Dual 16.4foot (5M) RG58 low-loss coax cable
Operating Temperature -20°С ~ +80°С
Storage Temperature -30°С ~ +85°С


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