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Strategic Marketing Plan

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4 Easy Ways to Use a Wireless Home Network

As a Blazing Hog customer, you have a home wi-fi router that gives all your devices access to the internet. Even if you don’t get your internet through us, you still have a wi-fi router. Did you know that this router does more than give you the ability to get online? It also allows you to set up your own home network.

It has been our experience that a lot of people know just enough about wi-fi networks to get online with their computers and phones. Yet they have no idea that their home networks have so much potential. A router is more than just a gateway to your 4G rural internet or wired internet connection.

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Whether you use 4G rural internet or a wired broadband ISP, your router unlocks the key to a powerful local network. If you don’t know how to use that network, no worries. You can hire a professional to come in and set it up for you.

A local network lets you use your connected devices in a ton of creative ways. Use your imagination and see just what a local network is capable of.

A Local Connection

Blazing Hog 4G rural internet gives you a connection to the outside world. That connection is made possible by a modem-like device that connects to local cell towers. But your internet connection is separate from your home network. Your home network offers you a local connection to other devices in your home.

Let us say that, across your entire family, you have two computers and four phones connected to wi-fi. You also have a variety of other devices including your smart TV, printer, and smart light fixtures. All these devices can connect with one another across your local wi-fi network.

Creative Ways to Use That Network

You have a local home network by virtue of the fact that you use wi-fi. The question is this: are you utilizing the network to its fullest potential? If not, here are some creative things you can do with it:

1. Share Files

The easiest thing to do with a local home network is share files across it. Maybe you have a ton of pictures on your phone, pictures you want to send to your computer. No need to pull out a cable to connect the two. No need to send them via email. You can send them right across the network in a flash.

2. Utilize Central Storage

You can set up an old computer or phone as a central storage unit for all your files. Rather than sending your files into the cloud, you can store them locally by transferring them across the network to your storage device.

3. Use and Share Peripherals

A local network allows you to share and use peripherals wirelessly. Maybe you have a printer with built-in wi-fi capability. Connect it to your network and any device in your house can utilize it without having to connect with a wire. Imagine giving the kids access to your wireless printer without them actually going into your home office and touching things.

4. Control Smart Devices

If you are really creative and adventurous, you can use your home network as the foundation of a truly smart home. Once set up properly, you can control a full range of smart devices with just your phone.

Use your phone to turn the TV on or off. Use it to control your lights, thermostat, and wireless video cameras. You have complete control from your smartphone, compliments of your local network.

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