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Strategic Marketing Plan

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Take It with You – You Can’t Do That with Satellite Internet

We get the fact that we are not the only game in town for rural high-speed internet. We also know that 4G isn’t the only rural wireless internet technology. There’s also satellite. And of course, 5G is just beginning to emerge. So what’s the advantage of Blazing Hog rural internet? You can take it with you.

As a rural 4G internet provider, we get you online using the same cell networks your phone utilizes. That means our service isn’t tethered to your house. Unlike a satellite dish, which you just cannot pick up and take with you, you can take your Blazing Hog hotspot whenever you hit the road.

I Love That I Can Take Blazing Hog With Me On The Go Anywhere I Can Get a Signal in the USA

We can think of plenty of places to take it:

Take It on Your Next Camping Trip

Reliable internet access is hard to find when you are camping. Yes, public campgrounds offer wi-fi connections. But so what? When you’re competing with hundreds of other campers, good luck getting online with any speed. Take your 4G with you and you can forget about all those other campers.

It’s even better when you’re camping in a primitive site where you don’t have all the amenities. As long as you’re in an area with cell reception, 4G rural internet can get you online.

Take It to the Hotel

Just about every hotel offers free wi-fi these days. But free doesn’t mean secure. Accessing hotel wi-fi puts your computer or phone at risk. Carrying your 4G internet hotspot with you solves that problem. You get your own, private connection right from your hotel room.

Take It to Grandma’s House

You and the family take a trip to grandma’s house every Thanksgiving. You don’t mind staying over for three or four nights, but you do know that grandma may or may not be able to remember her wi-fi password. No worries when you have a 4G hotspot.

Taking your hotspot with you gives the entire family the same online experience they get at home. They do not have to worry about grandma’s password or whether her network is secure.

Take It to the Park

Are you meeting up with your extended family for the annual reunion at the park? Are there some family members who cannot make it? Take your 4G rural internet device with you and you’ll be able to connect with those family members remotely.

A 4G hotspot and a laptop will make it a lot easier to include those remote family members in the reunion. If you try to do the same thing with a phone, you have a lot of people all looking over your shoulder to see a tiny screen. A laptop gives you a bigger screen and a camera with a wider angle. That’s what you need. And it’s possible because you can take your Blazing Hog 4G device to the park.

Anywhere You Can Get a Signal

Our rural high-speed internet access beats satellite in a lot of ways. At the top of the list is being able to take the internet with you no matter where you go. You can get online anywhere you can get a cellular signal. It is really no more complicated than that.

We think that 4G is the best option for rural internet access. It offers fast download speeds and reliable connections built on top of existing cell networks. Best of all, you can take your internet with you just like you take your phone. Try doing that with satellite. Even if you could make it work, lugging around a satellite dish isn’t much fun.

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