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Strategic Marketing Plan

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The Best Thing About Rural Internet Is Mobility

Blazing Hog is a rural internet provider offering unlimited 4G service in places where there is no access to cable or fiber optic internet service. Our service is also an alternative in areas where a single ISP has a virtual monopoly on land-based services. What is the best thing about our service? Mobility.

These days, ISPs compete mainly on download speeds and pricing plans. Where land-based internet service is concerned, there haven’t been all that many technological advancements in recent years. What you get from one provider is nearly identical to what you get from another. But there is one thing you get from a rural provider that no cable or fiber optic ISP can offer: portability.

It is exciting enough that consumers in rural areas can access the internet using 4G LTE. But the benefits of rural internet don’t stop there. It gets even better when you consider that you can take your internet access with you anywhere you go.

No Wires to Connect

Whether you go with Blazing Hog or another rural internet service, the one thing we all have in common is that there are no wires to connect. Our wireless routers get you onto the internet by way of 4G cellular signals. That’s right, a wireless router gets online the same way your phone does. There are no wires between the router and the internet.

This is what makes rural internet possible in areas that cable and fiber optic have not yet reached. And believe us when we say there are plenty such areas around the country. Not everyone has a hard-wired connection to the broadband universe.

Just Take Your Wireless Modem

A wireless modem is not tied down by a hard connection. That’s why you can place it in your living room today and then move it to the master bedroom tomorrow. You just pick it up and go. But that means you can also take it with you on vacation. Again, you are not tied down.

Maybe you’re into the RV lifestyle. If so, you know that campground wi-fi isn’t always reliable. Some days you can get on, other days you cannot. Some days the download speeds are great and other days loading a web page is like watching paint dry. With mobile internet, poor campground service is a thing of the past. Just take your wireless modem with you.

Perhaps RVs are not your thing but hotels are. Great. Did you know that logging onto the internet using a hotel network is not the most secure thing to do? How many other people are on that same network? How many of them can be trusted?

You can avoid using public hotel networks by taking your wireless router with you. Plug it into any wall outlet and you have your own private network right there in your hotel room. No worries about the guest next door hacking your computer and stealing sensitive information.

Take It When You Move

The more you think about it, the more that wireless rural internet has to offer. If you get your internet through the cable company or fiber optic provider, moving can be a real hassle. You have to arrange to have service transferred to the new house. Worse yet, there is likely a fee involved. But subscribe to wireless rural internet and moving is easy. Just take your modem and go.

These days, ISPs are pretty similar in terms of internet speeds, pricing, and so on. There is very little that distinguishes them. The one thing that sets wireless rural internet apart is mobility. It goes anywhere you go.

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